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I know many of you are interested in social activism and even if you are aware of the ASWSU Speaker tonight, I just wanted to remind you to attend the talk. She is going to talk about how new communication technology and social media can contribute to social change. I ffel this lecture will compliment greatly to what we have been learning all over the semester in our seminar.
Peace y'all,

First off, want to take this moment to acknowledge the most recent violent acts occurring in the Boston area. I am not entirely immersed as to what various bloggers, social media sites, et al. are saying on the tragic event right now, but at the very least this is disgusting and at most, a disgrace to the appreciation of human life and ecology...

In regards to the world of AMST 507, I found this interesting article on the Advocate.com. It really painted a lasting image for myself. It connects to class concepts and theories we have discussed such as IP, cultural appropriation, neoliberal capitalist commodification, and well simply the complexities of social movements in the current capitalist moment.

Rachel: Does this mean gay rights are that much more obtainable? I wonder what the 'It Gets Better' campaign will blog about this.

Tiffany: Does it matter that Nike is merely a sport athletics company? I mean, isn't it about time that corporations step 'out of their bounds' and begin advertising for entities besides their own? Wait, this is already happening, right?

Wish y'all the best of luck as we wind down the spring semester. My sincerest forms of solidarity for any of you who have family/relatives/friends in the NE area living in the contemporary capitalist moment--of fear and terror.
1. Individual meetings tomorrow Tues April 16 IN MY OFFICE. Please be on time, each person has a twenty minute slot (previous post) if you are late you will effect everyone.

2. You should have already emailed me your updated draft.

3. Coffee optional ;-)

This is a really great article that unpacks some of the questions we've been discussing this semester re: copyright, indigeneity, colonialism, & authenticity (though this article is in the context of Saami communities in Europe). I would really recommend reading thru the whole thing, but here's some of the major points:
I wish to discuss two questions. The first one focuses on the actual work of art itself, and challenges the notion of art as something beyond and above criticism. Moreover, this section of the text seeks to address the copyright infringement and commodification of Saami art as something that can and should be changed outsiders such as Vipola, by looking at the way in which her art cheapens the value of the Sámi Duodji mark. The second and by far more serious issue being addressed in this text is the actual artistic framework and Othering discourse used by Vipola, which conflates queer identities with a marginalised Indigeneity, through her statement at the opening night of her exhibition that she was, and I quote, ‘coming out as a Saami woman’.

...As far as I am concerned, Vipola’s work of art is a slap in the face of actual Saami artists who have to overcome existing and often highly conflicting ideas of what their own identity is on a daily basis. By appropriating a Saami identity, she is colonising a space that few Saami have access to in the first place. In other words, it is questionable if a Saami artist wishing to question what indeed constitutes duodji today had been offered the same access to a public space as Vipola. This is an important question as minorities are continuously denied platforms to address issues within their own communities, while outsiders can easily secure funding, public support and media interest for the very same projects. This is consequently not something that singles out Vipola’s project as unique, on the contrary. In a Swedish context, Queering Sápmi, while on the whole a needed project, benefits from the same outsider privilege as Vipola, meaning that what has been centred so far is far more the Swedish duo behind the project, than the silenced Saami queer community the project claims to represent. Being a member of the majority and representing a minority is intrinsically complicated and could easily turn into a silencing, colonising and even racist project, which I would claim is the case with Vipola’s exhibition when framed as it currently is.

Quoting writers like Tuck and Yang then, Vipola’s choice to come out as a Saami woman and explaining her move to do so as something that could be compared to sex reassignment surgery offered to transsexual people – which is highly offensive to both transsexual people and members of indigenous communities – could be interpreted as an ‘enactment of […] tropes [that function] as a series of moves to innocence […] which problematically attempt to reconcile settler guilt and complicity, and rescue settler futurity’.

Like I said, the whole thing is really worth the read. Check the full article here. -Annita
ok folks here we are for the next three weeks:

April 15-monday by noon:
email Kim re-vamped proposals

April 16:
one on one meetings with Kim in class
2:50-3:10 Somava
3:15-3:35 Jen
3:40-4:00 Rachel
4:05-4:25 Jorge
4:30-4:50 Dell
4:55-5:15 Lizeth
5:20-5:40 Tiffany
5:45-6:05 Annita

April 23: in class presentations (20 min each)
2:50-3:10 Jen
3:15-3:35 Rachel
3:40-4:00 Somava
4:05-4:25 Jorge
4:30-4:50 Dell
4:55-5:15 Annita
5:20-5:40 Tiffany
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Anytime before May 6 (midnight on May 5) Final proposals + final blog post

1. Upload your final proposal to the blog as a FINAL POST (include : should be properly formatted, any images inline and any links should be clickable + you need a works cited list

2. WITH your final paper you ALSO need a final blog post: one to two paragraphs that directly address your experience of the class in relation to the course goals and objectives and texts (on the syllabus) please feel free to share your favorite texts, those that you didn't love (and why) and those you think everyone should read. Mention what you got from the class, what your takeaways are and how you will use these theoretical frameworks in future work.

Get your pencils ready!

OK folks--it's on, our first-ever AMST 507 proposal workshop...can you feel the excitement ;-)

Class will be structured pretty loosely with the goal being a solid 20-25 min with each of your peer reviewers.

You will then schedule a follow up meeting with me for TH or FRI afterrn

Hello Tiffany and Annita,

I am sending you my very very, and I repeat, very rough draft. I have not finished my argument section, but I wanted you to see where my head is at. I greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.

Have a great weekend and thank you in advance!

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Hey Jen & Somava!

Hope y'all are doing well! I really appreciate your feedback for this proposal.

FYI...The bulk of the proposal focuses on locating my theoretical interventions, so I spent most of my energy in making sense and bringing unity from the varying assigned literature this semester.  As such, my larger argument will prove lacking here as I have yet to fully go scholarship pertaining to Nike and NCAA regulations.

Thank you for being my peer-reviewers here : ) Let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to address before Tuesday.

Happy weekend! ;-D

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Hi Somava and Tiffany!  

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read through this.  I have a few concerns with my paper that I am hoping to get some help from you both on.  They are as follows:

1.     Length.  It feels bloated.  Where can I cut and it still make sense.

2.     Are the components in the right places?  Is there stuff in the Importance and Timeliness section (Lit Review) that should go in the RQ statement section or the Project Proposal, etc.?

3.     I feel like the Intellectual property section is a little flat. How can I make it a little more awesome?

4.  Better incorporation of key texts from the class. 

Again, thank you for reading through this and I hope you both have a great weekend!

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