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Here's the final ppt presentation

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I apologize for being such an ignoramous, but I do not know how to do slides, etc.
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Hi Folks. The course evals this year are online. Please fill out prior to May 1. I read all evals and value your constructive feedback. The 506/507 year long course is a new addition to AMST so your feedback will help us hone the program. For me also let me know what books worked/didn't and what assignments helped you most (lightening round? writers workshop?). All responses are anonymous. Thanks.

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Response dates:  4/19/13 - 5/1/13 

We will start class 20 min late next week. Please let me know if this is a problem for anyone and we can shuffle presentation times to accommodate kid pik ups or what have you. PLEASE get to class by 2:50 anyway to LOAD ALL THE PRESENTATIONS on the computer up front to avoid back and forth. I will be there by 3:10 so we can start.

New times:
3:10-3:30 Jen
3:35-3:55 Rachel
4:00-4:20 Somava
4:25-4:45 Jorge
4:50-5:10 Dell
5:15-5:35 Annita
5:40-6:00 Tiffany
6:05-6:25 Lizeth

Hi All,
I know many of you are interested in social activism and even if you are aware of the ASWSU Speaker tonight, I just wanted to remind you to attend the talk. She is going to talk about how new communication technology and social media can contribute to social change. I ffel this lecture will compliment greatly to what we have been learning all over the semester in our seminar.
Peace y'all,

First off, want to take this moment to acknowledge the most recent violent acts occurring in the Boston area. I am not entirely immersed as to what various bloggers, social media sites, et al. are saying on the tragic event right now, but at the very least this is disgusting and at most, a disgrace to the appreciation of human life and ecology...

In regards to the world of AMST 507, I found this interesting article on the Advocate.com. It really painted a lasting image for myself. It connects to class concepts and theories we have discussed such as IP, cultural appropriation, neoliberal capitalist commodification, and well simply the complexities of social movements in the current capitalist moment.

Rachel: Does this mean gay rights are that much more obtainable? I wonder what the 'It Gets Better' campaign will blog about this.

Tiffany: Does it matter that Nike is merely a sport athletics company? I mean, isn't it about time that corporations step 'out of their bounds' and begin advertising for entities besides their own? Wait, this is already happening, right?

Wish y'all the best of luck as we wind down the spring semester. My sincerest forms of solidarity for any of you who have family/relatives/friends in the NE area living in the contemporary capitalist moment--of fear and terror.