Glad to see all of your thoughts on and engagements with Coleman up on the blog. If you haven't you should take some time to check out her website with more links to her recent discussions of the book and of the Anonymous movement.  We can watch one or two of the short clips at the beginning of class to get another angle from Coleman. This is one that covers a broad swath. You can also check out here Twitter feed @BiellaColeman for up-to-date materials on hackers/hacking/Anonymous etc.

Key terms from Coleman to think about:
meritocracy (and implementation of...)
free speech
code is speech
liberal individualism vs collective (tensions)
hackers legal/political consciousness
ethical processes & practices & moral registers
ethical labor
material politics of cultural action


29 January 2013:

  • Review Coombe: especially last two chapters on Dialogic Democracy
  • Coleman intro: watch video on PBS
  • Discussion--lead by Rachel and Jen
  • Break
  • Discussion
  • Guidelines for Final Project Proposal and work for next week
  • Wrap up

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