I just got back home to Farmington. Imbecile that I am I missed the message about the class being canceled.  Curriculum changes along the lines of slippage between the hybrid metaculture being created in Indian country and the larger white/black/brown Culture of western domination are being instituted in Washington and Idaho schools.  Presenting history and current events through Native perspectives to primary school children  is taking place, but on a limited scale and with questionable results.  I encourage these efforts while at the same time realizing they are woefully inadequate.  The diversity of Indian cultures needs to be emphasized so that the dominant hollywood tropes of Sioux and Apache wars with their stereotypical iconic warriors no longer overwhelm the literature and films "about" Indians.  Crazy Horse Malt Liquor "owner" Stroh issued an apology.  Turning hardened stereotypes on their heads will require us to insist on a completely new paradigm, a sea change in hollywood, and meaningful curriculum changes as Jorge pointed out. Coombe's book has influenced my own authenticity. 

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