Hello, thanks for the help.  I am dell. 
    I am 65 years old and my bio would be kinda long, so I will limit this blurb to academia. I came here to WSU after a long career as an enlisted full time NG soldier.  I earned degrees in Psych, Soc, and Humanities.  After several attempts I finally got into the AmSt PhD program.  I am now in the final semester.  I am amazed by the amount of accomplishment I read about in the other blogs.  There are awesome people in this class!!! I am really looking forward to listening to your discussion of the course materials.  
    My research is concerned with Native Americans returning to their reservation after living in the "white" world, either for college, career, or urban relocation.  I spent last summer interviewing on the plateau reservations.  The digital world is just beginning to impact the plateau people and some of the projects coming out of WSU graduate school will be very helpful to them.  I hope to continue my research and writing until I kick the bucket.  Going to WSU has been a wonderful experience for me.
    If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you, just say so and I will.    

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