Taken at face value this sign represents the conundrum of American Liberty. Coleman's hackers would be the first to rebel against its Orwellian doublespeak.  But on the other hand, knowing that open source free code can be exacting and that obedience to the code is necessary to produce meaning with it, a second thought epiphany may come.  I would argue that the work of Freedom cannot proceed without some restrictions to liberty.  Coleman's free beer-free speech comparison revealed the doublespeak of "Free". If "meaning is use" (i think it was Wittgenstein?) then the utility of F/OSSoftware wins the day. Where would I be without Google? I am old enough to remember the days of MS DOS and I do not wish to return to them.  The myriad programs that have come and gone since 1952 when WSU's mainframe filled a large room are testament to the fact that today's "free" internet depended on "geeks" and the pursuit of problem solution for the sake of problem solved thinking. As big blue IBM softened its hardline towards F/OSS in recognition that they can make more in the long run with a Free interface with open source code, the encouragement of other capitalists to enter the fray may reflect a new sense of Corporate Social Responsibility toward the intellectual commons.  To make it so, the corpses must be brought to their knees by the "people".  The 99% need to make their voices heard in this contest, demanding free speech-free code.  The time for political ambiguity is past and gone. Now it is necessary to politicize in order to make the corpses "obey"!  How to produce freedom of speech? Speak! More on this later... See Glenn Greenwald's latest blurb; "The Pentagon's New Massive Expansion of "Cyber-Security" Unit is About Everything Except Defense: Cyber-threats are the new pretext to justify expansion of power and profit for the public-private National Security State."  Is the war on terror shifting gears to go after hackers?  The pentagon is law enforcement wrote LARGE.  Get this quote from Adm. Michael McConnell: "we need to reengineer the Internet to make attribution, geolocation, intelligence analysis and impact assessment-who did it, from where, why and what was the result- more manageable."  (Washington Post)
WIRED's Ryan Singel wrote: "He's talking about changing the Internet to make everything anyone does on the net traceable and geo-located so the National Security Agency can pinpoint users and their computers for retaliation." !!! Complete control of the Internet, the ability to crash the entire thing, is the goal.  The CIA and NSA are hiring hackers to mine data.  They'll train you and pay you well to destroy the FREE INTERNET.  Wildly exaggerated claims of cyber-threats justify this huge invasion of privacy and freedom. WIRED's Singel wrote: "Make no mistake, the military industrial complex now has its eye on the Internet.  Generals want to train crack squads of hackers and have wet dreams of cyberwarfare."  Pentagon power over the Internet will end the F/OSS freedom to create.  The big intelligence contractors, like Booz-Allen, will be the big winners when, not if, this happens.  Hackers must speak out or forever hold their peace.
How can hackers and their supporters prevent this loss of freedom?
Can we take Boyle, Coombe, and Coleman for ammunition in this fight, or will the Internet simply lay down before the power of the Pentagon?
What would Lessig say about this cyber-warfare propaganda?  Orwell? 

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