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As I made clear before, I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the readings, discussions, and project.  My project was entirely too large to handle. I do not work well with blogging, or know much about  multiple media. I expect a very poor grade in this class.  But I have decided to try to complete my PhD dissertation and research in spite of this failure.  Thanks to all of you classmembers for your help on my project with your questions and comments. That was much appreciated.  I realize that I cannot stop cyberwarfare from happening now and even more in the future.  But I believe in speaking truth to power and especially on behalf of the indigenous and the powerless.  I especially appreciated everyone's contributions to the classtime discussions. I think every one of you are brilliant and have bright futures in academia.  Pease continue to strive until you are successful. God bless you all and each.   

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