dovetailing off Deloria and Annita's thoughts in class. Check this out: on the politics of representation, the commodifying of stereotypical Indian-ness and the theoretical work the unexpected may do in undoing the desire to be a (part time) Indian.
Lizeth Gutierrez
3/27/2013 12:59:45 pm

I definitely enjoyed this video because, as you mentioned Kim, the video is doing multiple things at once. Not only is she bringing to light the social imaginary that white westerners have constructed of the Indian, but she is simultaneously complicating that romanticization by addressing the material realities of native communities, which are a result of the larger structures of oppression. The video interrogates the stereotypical desires of Indian-ness in order to illustrate how they are a product of a larger narrative, one that thrives when the social imaginery mobilizes white hegemony through the Othering of racialized bodies, but the video is also doing more than that; the woman in the video is negotiating the complex and contradictory images that get read or not read on the native body in order to transform the image of native peoples by demanding to be seen beyond the western understandings of "Indian-ness". What do you guys think?


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