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As I was reading through Coombe's chapter two, I was more than amused by the thought of Judith Butler fanfic.  Doing a little (emphasis on little) detective work online, I found digitized copies of the two editions of the zine.  You can find the first edition here and the second edition here.  I will admit that I did laugh, especially in when faced with the juxtaposition of gay male bondage advertisements and an "interview" with Gayatri Spivak.  In the end, finding these was a pleasant distraction from finishing a synthesis of this week's reading.
1/21/2013 08:12:31 am

Have you seen the Judith Butler action figure? It is a little slice of awesome ;-)

Rachel Sauerbier
1/21/2013 02:02:36 pm

Why do I not have a Judy action figure?!? I need to make that happen!


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