Okay y'all so I had written a nice reflection letter to you all, but the post did not upload and it was not saved in the draft file. So now I am mad because I have to rewrite it and I am very tired and exhausted :( Sorry!)

Anyways, I want to thank you all for a great semester. This was a very difficult semester for me, but I would not trade this experience for anything else in the world. I have learned so much from this course. I found the lightening rounds, the peer reviews and the overall writing process for the research proposals EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I actually think all graduate seminars should do something similar to this because it really helped me focus my work. I initially started with a huge project that was unrealistic and the writing process helped me focus  my research. I also enjoyed the class discussions and appreciate Dr. Christen for always forcing us to expand on our ideas and discussion points. As for the readings, I found the ethnographies my favorite. They were great examples of theory and praxis, which helped my own research in terms of methodology and theoretical framework. 

Finally, I cannot thank you enough Dr. Christen for always, and I mean always, making time to meet with me. I know we met a lot, but every time we met I left your office overwhelmed but at the same time feeling more confident about my research project. You provided great feedback and I sincerely appreciate your time and dedication to your students. Thank you! 

Have a great summer y'all! We did it! woot woot :)

Lizeth Gutierrez 
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