Log on to youtube today and you'll find the following video link:


Right smack in the homepage, you can find a pair of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg smiling faces staring right at you! Titled, "Whats most schools don't teach" I was surprised it to be a video on Coding. Particularly intriguing throughout was the various authors that came to mind when listening to so many of these hackers discuss the importance of Coding for this day and age. In minute 4 of the clip, you can find the creator of Code.org (Hadi) say, "Whether you're trying to make a lot of money or whether you just want to change the world, computer programming is an incredibly powerful skill to learn." This line struck me back to our discussion on West (and Tsing): are there really any social movements outside of the neoliberal state of mind? Or rather, is all human political activity (thought and planned) already succumbed within this contemporary capitalist moment?

It's really a interesting short video and I was wondering what you all thought regarding our class discussions on Intellectual Property, appropriation, neoliberalism and social movements.

3/3/2013 01:46:46 am

Just the other day someone sent me the link to the Code.org website. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the connection you see in the quote to neoliberalism. I didn't quite follow you there...

I see the video and the website using the rhetoric of "literacy crisis" and applying it to coding rather than print-based "reading and writing."

kim christen
3/4/2013 06:25:30 am

Yes, this has been making the rounds and getting quite a bit of play, perhaps we should watch it in class and deconstruct it as a group ;-)


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