Hi All,
I am Somava. I am a First Year PhD student in Murrow College of Communication.
Okay to pen down something about me, I feel I should talk a little about my past in India.

My Background: I did my undergrad in India double majoring in
Economics and Journalism. During my senior year, I interned with a newsdaily and
my experience was so overwhelming that I decided to go for Masters in Journalism
and Mass Communication to learn more about the field. During my masters, I got 
 absorbed as a reporter in a national newspaper.  
My career as a journalist had a flying start. I had my dream job. Once an insider in the industry, I started witnessing the everyday politics that surrounded news making. Frustrated with the news industry within a year and at the same time finding it difficult to maintain a long distance relationship, I quitted my job, married, and moved to Vancouver, Canada where my partner was doing his PhD. I tried various professions after that but always wanted to come back to school, as I realized that just an activist spirit was not enough, I needed further knowledge to compliment it. After my husband joined WSU as a faculty, I came back to school in Fall 2010. 

My research interest: My own immigrant experience, the awareness of power inequality through my interaction with my friends of color and my personal everyday communication experiences made me
realize the grain of race and whiteness in social discourses in the U.S. This consciousness culminated into my master's thesis where I analyzed the subject positions in which Asian Indian immigrants are placed and the positionality they construct for themselves in their racial incorporation in the United States. If anybody interested here is the link to my thesis in the WSU library archive.  
My other interests: Apart from immigrant and minority study, I am very passionate about gendered studies; particularly I am interested in looking at gendered discourses in media. I am also an active blogger and actively follow various online communities some of which are created to raise awareness regarding sexual violence against women in India. Here is a facebook link of one of the communities
 I guess I would say these online communities help me find my niche as I define myself at the intersection of race, class, gender.
Last but not the least, I have a very  independent minded (sometimes she acts way bigger than her age) 6 year old daughter. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges I face raising her. Truly speaking I am grateful to my little angel as she has endured my constant obsession with academia and has given me her brightest smiles on my darkest days. She has taught me the true measures of success, and I thankful for all the uncountable little things she brings into my life. 
Okay enough of me now. I look forward to know all of you more in class and through this blog.
1/10/2013 05:00:23 am

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