Since we talked briefly about Anonymous' #OpThunderbird project last week (btw you can check out on Twitter at #opthunderbird, #mmiw, & #missingsismap), I thought I'd pass on a link to its affiliate Missing Sisters project. As I mentioned earlier, #OpThunderbird is in solidarity with the thousands of missing, murdered, & sexually assaulted Native women (which both Canada & the US continue to ignore and marginalize)...the Canadian government, for example, acknowledges that there are about 500 missing Aboriginal women, when the real number is somewhere around 4000. 

Missing Sisters is mapping cases of missing, murdered, & sexually assaulted Native women (on both sides of the border)--you can check out their map here. The people running it are very methodical—once they get a report submission, they look up news articles, photos…basically everything they can on the woman the report is about (regardless of case status), so as to have a detailed account of the woman and her story (that’s why it’s taking so long to get all the reports up). After only 2 days, it's already at 50 verified reports, though they have several hundred pending (8 solved murders; 20 unsolved murders; 21 unsolved missing; 1 unsolved sexual assault). I would really urge people to go check out the project, pass the info on, and submit if you know of anyone whose story should be on the map (they take anon submissions!)…even if you don’t submit a report, there’s a lot to learn from the reports posted thus far, and you could be keeping an eye out for some of the 21 missing women posted thus far.

I'm thinking this could also be prescient for our upcoming discussion of Castells!

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